VITART is the right partner for companies that need to ensure large productions, high quality and high reliability by the experience gained in the automotive sector, providing even small and medium series and prototyping service.

In the workshop, VITART presents high quality and high performance machinery: fixed head lathes, sliding head lathes, bar diameter from 3 to 65mm, pick-up lathes, transfert machines, machining centers, dedicated lines, honing, selection machines 100%, etc.

CNC turning from bar on lathes up to Ø 65mm

The CNC turning from bar on lathes up to Ø 65mm allows to obtain mechanical components with the desired precision without going through intermediate, semi-finished parts,  phases which then have to undergo further processing. Bar machining therefore saves on stock, on mold costs,  and the management of semi-finished products in the production of precision small parts, speeds up supply times.

CNC turning on sliding head lathes

CNC turning from bar by sliding head lathes is particularly suitable for the production of shafts, rods, pins and high precision mechanical components, ie articles where the ratio between diameter and length is particularly unbalanced towards the length.

The material flows through a guide bush and takes the rotational motion from a spindle linearly pushing the material through the guide bush. The movement of the material through the bush acts as the z axis in the machine, while the tools remain close to the guide bush, guaranteeing maximum stability of the work. In this way, lengths much higher than the diameters do not create problems of deformations and vibrations.

The sliding head lathes guarantee very high precision and very rapid tool changes. They are therefore very used also for the precision turning of short pieces.

Precision mechanical processing on transfer machines

For long series of semi-finished parts, precision mechanical machining can be convenient on mechanical transfers or CNC transfers machines.

The transfer machine, in fact, is an automatic machine that combines, in a single production unit, the operations of a series of separate machines, unifying loading operations and transfer mechanisms, guaranteeing high production volumes. According to the customer's need, we can set up transfers around specific long series projects, or use the good flexibility transfer machines in our workshop, also suitable for the production of medium-volume series.

Hard turning

Many mechanical components require mechanical high strength and hardness. The thermal treatments necessary to obtain these features cause deformations of the material that are sometimes unfitting with the tolerances required by the component. Therefore, it must have precision mechanical processing after heat treatment. So, we have  the appropriate know how relating to tools, processing parameters and machine rigidity and we can apply  hard turning by chip removal mechanical machining  on hardened or sintered and hardened parts.

Eccentric machining by 2 or more turning axes

Our lathes have equipment that can automatically change the machining axis during turning. This allows us to provide precision components with eccentric turning machining on 2 or more turning axes at competitive prices.


Robotized CNC turning on semi-finished, molded, sintered components

We are equipped with robotic CNC lathes fit to perform automated precision turning operations on semi-finished, moulded and sintered components. In effective, the turning of semi-finished, moulded, sintered components becomes convenient for pieces of complex shape in large quantities or where the removal of chip from bar is particularly burdensome.

Boring, grinding and lapping operations

By abrasion, boring of holes, lapping, internal grinding, external cylindrical grinding centerless or between centres can be performed, particularly on components after heat treatments.



We can carry out small assemblies of components produced by us or purchased or supplied directly by the customer. Managing the industrial processing of the components starting from to the first step allows to quickly solve any production problems without slowing down the supply or problems due to of bad communication.

Drilling, threading and milling precision machining on CNC working centers

VITART is equipped by high productive CNC working centers with a twin pallet: the personnel can load and unload the machine during machining, optimizing the processing times.

Drilling, threading and milling operations on CNC working centers are convenient in small and medium series, where it is necessary to produce precision parts or we need to get particular shapes using CNC milling paths.

100% Quality assured

The 100% quality guarantee is not assured enough in the production process. Furthermore, the statistical systems guarantee quality only in a statistical manner, ie they admit the probability of having some scrap parts per million pieces and this applies just for the normal causes intrinsic to the process. The anomalies, the special causes, can't be guaranteed by the statistical controls up to 100%.

Therefore, where necessary, it must be used some system for 100% precision small parts selecting by automatic optical measuring machines and other methods.

High precision machining processes with processing lines, even at controlled temperature

We can also study and implement lines for mass production of high precision mechanical components, with continuity and quality assurance. Where the thermal delta gives significant problems in the stability of the machining process or generates scrap parts, we can also implement the controlled temperature.

Deburring of mechanical components

Many applications require that the components be completely deburred, to avoid detachable burrs that can block the fluid dynamic circuits which the components are a part of, to avoid safety problems for further handling of the components, to prevent from hooking up yarns  in the textile equipment, so other more.

Wherever possible and convenient, the deburring of the components is obtained in the mechanical machining process. Where this goal is not achieved, it's to be implemented another process such as sandblasting, the thermal method (TEM) or other methods of deburring.

Packaging, positioned handling systems

Dents, scratches, marks can make the component unusable or waste a precision machining. For this reason, to prevent any mark, we keep care of the packaging of precision small parts with precise and adequate packaging and, where necessary, positioned handling systems are also applied throughout the production process and for storage, using special equipment.

The identification of the machined parts with appropriate identification labels and bar codes, allows the complete traceability of the process.

Surface treatments

Mechanical components can be completed with the surface treatments , where required by the drawing: galvanizing, galvanic nickel plating, chemical nickel coating, anodic oxidation, hard chromium, teflon coating (FEP , PTFE , PFA) ...

Heat treatments

According to by the drawing, precision mechanical components can require  heat treatments : carburizing, tempering, carbonitriding, induction tempering etc ...

Metal washing, Cleanliness, Millipore test

The cleaning specifications are becoming more and more stringent and it is necessary to guarantee the supply of components with no contaminants and processing residues.

Effectively, the cleanliness of the various details can be a significant factor for quality and reliability of the mechanical components in operation.

The metal washing department offers specific answers, by solvent washing according to specific cycles and where necessary by the application of surface protection to the washed metal parts.

Furthermore, we carry out metal washing processes according to automotive cleaning specifications for metal components, where necessary with subsequent laboratory objectification by Millipore tests, dimensional analysis of particles and gravimetric systems according to the main international standards, such as ISO 4405, ISO 16232 or VDA19.


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