VISION: VITART is a company specialized in precision machining and assembly of components based on the customer's project, which operates in a very articulated, constantly changing global economic and industrial context that requires increasing levels of qualification.

MISSION: VITART harmonizes passion, people, technologies and innovation in organization and processes to offer the industry global reliability and continuous and sustainable improvement in the integrated supply of machining, assemblies and mechanical components.

VITART ensures that the Customer's requirements and the mandatory requirements are identified, understood and satisfied by implementing a Quality Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 standards.

By adopting these standards, VITART pursues regularity at all levels by applying continuous improvement and reducing waste and inefficiency.


– conquering and retaining Customers by satisfying not only the contractual specifications, but the explicit or implicit needs and expectations, expressed or unexpressed, also through concerted and active collaboration;

– progressively reduce the costs of non-quality through process monitoring, elimination of internal and external non-conformities and other forms of inefficiency;

– to introduce continuous technological and organizational innovation of production processes to increase their effectiveness and efficiency;

– pursuing through marketing and communication actions the strengthening of trust, image and perception of the value provided by VITART;

- increase the awareness of the staff in the importance of the activities they carry out for the achievement of the company objectives, improving their competence through the involvement in targeted training and field training courses;

- involve suppliers in ways of raising service and quality levels through correct and appropriate reports, actions and improvement projects.


VITART Top Management demonstrates its commitment to the above policy:

– ensuring that it is understood and supported by all levels of its organization, seizing an opportunity for improvement in every event, also in the detection and correction of possible errors;

– guiding their correct implementation and interpretation;

– monitoring and verifying the results;

– guaranteeing the use of appropriate technologies for the evolution of the organization, of the processes of the products offered;

– providing appropriately trained and motivated human resources, recognizing their commitment and results;

– optimizing the layout, dedicating adequate space for the performance of operational activities.

The objectives defined in this Quality Policy are operationally detailed by the individual processes, annually quantified by specific KPIs and analyzed during the management reviews.

Treviglio, 01/10/2017


The VITART Top Management


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